Uses for Basil

Some like to use basil in the garden, as a border, or as part of a kitchen garden. Many love to use Basil as an herb for cooking. Its leaves are some of the most popular herbs used for cooking. The uses are almost limitless.

Basil has a spicy sweet scent to it, and the whole plant has a pleasant aroma to it. If you rub one of the leaves between your fingers, you can release the scent even more. The leaves have a spicy flavor which makes all kinds of food extra delicious. From green salads, to cheese and tomato dishes, soups, omelets, you can't go wrong with basil.

Basil makes a great companion for tomato plants, and other plants in the garden.

There is a Genovese Basil, that is large leafed, and originated in Italy. It is a favorite there for making pesto. Basil is easy to grow. I will be including it in my herb garden again this year.